Installing a solar panel is a financial investment and most of the time a homeowners main concern will be its durability as well as efficiency. There can be many reasons for the failure of solar panels. Some of the reasons arestated below:-

1) Weather: An important factor which has the ability to determine the reliability of a solar panel. In many harsh conditions, there is a chance for the failure of the solar panels. For example- Hurricane winds or hail has the potential to damage the panel but the likelihood is very low. These failures might happen because of the severe and harsh climates.

2) Manufacturing defects: There are many solar panel companies which produce high quality of panels but it might sometimes happen that a broken chip or else scratch on the solar panel can be one of the defects which can be seen. In this case, the solar panel might not function properly.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) reported that the solar panels installed in between 2005 -2015, the median failure rate comes to be 5 out of 10,000 panels annually which come to be 0.05% failure rate. This shows that the failure rate has been reduced as compared to 1980, as the technology advances and the quality improved for the installations.

To protect your solar panels, warranties are provided by the solar manufactures. There can be two types of warranties provided by the manufactures: Performance and Equipment Guarantee. Performance Guarantee takes care of whether the panel producing sufficient power above the guaranteed level whereas equipment guarantee protects the PV modules.

According to the industry standards, equipment guarantee is of 10 years and some of the solar panels provide about 25 years of guarantee. In case your panels fail, the manufacturer can replace the defective piece with a new panel.

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