Solar power systems are installed on the rooftops of your residential homes, industries, Non-profit organizations etc. but in order to improve the output efficiency of the solar panels, it needs to be cleaned so the performance does not get affected. Solar panels need to be cleaned from time to time in order to avoid the energy losses. The system can be cleaned from time to time on by own.

Safety measures need to be taken in the picture, as the solar panels are quite hot, so make sure to switch off the connection supply before cleaning. Below are some of the tips mentioned which show that when the solar power system needs to be cleaned:-

How to Clean Solar Panel.
  1. The first thing which you can do is to check with your solar manufacturer, they might have some specific instructions on cleaning of solar power panels. Early morning cleaning is the best time as during the noontime the solar panels will become too hot and if you clean in the morning you will need less water and less energy to clean.
  2. If your garden hose needs to clean alone and if a lot of dust and dirt have been accumulated you need to tackle the modules of solar panels with water, brush off the loose materials firstly, this will make the cleaning very fast and easier.
  3. Avoid the use of metal objects and hard abrasive products for cleaning as it will cause scratches on the glass of the solar panels.
  4. Avoid the use of detergents as it might streak on the glass of the solar panels. Moreover, the use of abrasive use of detergents will increase the risk of scratches on the solar panels.
  5. Always try to use a soft dry cloth and wipe out the dirt with a wet cloth in order to remove the most stubborn grime.

These are the finest tips in order to keep your solar panels safe and clean for the lifetime. In this way, you can increase the output efficiencies of your solar power systems.

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