Domestic Heat Pump

This type of system is suitable with Bunglows, small villas, apartments. Hot water requirement up to 600 LPD can be met with this series.


Commercial Heat Pump

This type of system is suitable for lodges, apartments, hospitals, hostels, resorts etc. Hot water requirement up to 2000 per day can be met with this series.


Industrial Heat Pump

For the high temperature water requirement around 90 degree celsius we have industrial series. It will be ideal option for feed water boilers, laundries, chemical industries etc.


Institutional Heat Pump

This system is suitable for big resorts/hotels, hostels, hospitals. Water requirement up to 9000 liter/day and above can be met with this series.


Swimming Pool Heat Pump

All types of swimming pool can have warm water around 30 degree celsius. This model is specially made for swimming pools.


Our Heat Pump Projects In Nagpur

Best Air Source Heat Pump Comapny In Nagpur

Low energy water heater applies the principle of thermodynamics to absorb the heat energy from the environment and transfer it to the water. This heat energy is then used to increase the temperatures of the water until it comes to desirable temperature.


Heat Pump Supplier In Nagpur

Fiado industries is sister concern company of Sudarshan Saur and Surya springs group of industries. Since 1989 Sudarshan Saur have built a reputed name in the solar industry with our innovation and technology. Sudarshan saur Solar  Heat Pump in Nagpur Dealing Domestic and Commercial Heat pump In Nagpur.

Air Source Water Heater Heat Pump System in Nagpur

Air Source Heat Pump that helps in providing an unmatched array of Air Source Heat Pumps in Nagpur to the customers. That’s why we are esteemed as one of the experinced Air Source Heat Pumps Manufacturers and Suppliers from Nagpur.

Low Energy Consumption Water Heating System In Nagpur

Our Heat Pump Services & Application in Nagpur

  1. Domestic Application
  2. Commercial Application
  3. Industrial Application
  4. Institutional Application
  5. HEAT PUMP FOR Resort, Spa, Hotel, Swimming Pool, Apartment, Process Industries, Bath Tub, etc

Residential Heat Pump Service Provider In Nagpur

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