solar price in nagpur

3 Kilowatt Solar System price in Nagpur

A good 3 kW system should come between Rs1680000 to 210000 Variation may come based on site conditions, system configuration and technology Structure material and Height, Warranty of Inverter, Years of Free Service, State Discom Policy & There various Charges, etc 

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Solar Capacity Price Price Per watt
On Grid 3kw Solar System
Rs. 1,65,000
Rs. 55
Off grid 3kW Solar System
Rs. 2,10,000
Rs. 70
Hybrid 3kW Solar System
Rs. 2,40,000
Rs. 80

Note:- Above 3kw Solar System Price in Nagpur For Assumption, above Price Vary as per Available Condition of Site Location. Price may be Increase Or Decrease, GST will be apply as per Govt.

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Features On Grid 3kw Solar System

Particulars Description
Solar Power Plant
3 KWp
Solar Panel Quantity
335watt x 9nos.
Solar Inverter
3kw On Grid Inverter
MC4 connector
12 Qty
DC wire
As per site
AC wire
As per site
Area Required
upto 270 sq ft
DC Junction Box
AC Junction Box
System Warranty
25 year
Solar Accessories
Fasteners, surface tray, Cable Tie, Crimping Tool, Earthing Kit, Lighting Arresstor, PVC conduit, etc
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